The Pleasant Hill Settlement of the Armbrusts: A Ghost Town of Dupage County.

The Armbrust family of Bloomingdale and Wheaton in DuPage County Illinois have contributed a great deal to the development and business life of the City of Wheaton Illinois. The family is intermarried with the Schlick family many times!

The DuPage County Farm Bureau Plat Atlas for 1947. Shown above is the area in Milton Township upper northwest corner from Wheaton Illinois. This shows the Pleasant Hill Subdivision [P.L HILL on map] off of Pleasant Hill and Jewel Roads in Wheaton. J. Armbrust owned about 83.02 acres of property north of the Pleasant Hill Subdivision.

Mary Anne (nee Armbrust) Schlick would marry and raise a family in Burlington Illinois with Joseph Schlick. Martin Armbrust was the father of Mary Anne Schlick. John Armbrust, Martin’s son, would marry Katherine Daleiden. Katherine Daleiden was the youngest daughter of Christopher Daleiden. Christopher was one of the early 1860s immigrants from Germany to settle in Winfield Township in DuPage County Illinois.

This photo taken on October 1906 on the front porch of the Christopher Daleiden home on Church St. in Winfield shows members of the Armbrust Family and Schlick Family together. Martin Schlick (he is the man with the white beard) is standing with Christopher and Margaret Daleiden to his right. This event was the wedding of Susan and Casper Schlick. (Photo Credit: Frank J. and Mae C. Schlick Estate Photo Archive).

The Armbrusts owned a large tract of land and a farm at the corner of Geneva and Pleasant Hill Roads in Milton Township just northwest of the town of Wheaton Illinois. The family developed just south of their farm a small settlement called Pleasant Hill. The main focal point of this settlement was the Chicago, Aurora, and Elgin had a depot or stop just south of Jewell Road that was in the settlement. The only remnants are the small store and several of the homes that were built in the area.

This photo was taken from my parked car on Pleasant Hill Road just north of Jewell Road and south of Geneva Road in the northwestern part of Wheaton, Illinois in Milton Township in DuPage County Illinois. The former Pleasant Hill store (now a private residence) is located just north of the Chicago, Aurora, and Elgin Electric Interurban Line stop.
A 1902 photo of a CA&E train southwest of Wheaton. Note the “third rail” running alongside the two tracks. The third rail provided electrical power to power and make the train run on the track. (Source: Wikipedia:
Joseph Armbrust and his wife Mary, and three of their children (not identified). Photo dates to c. 1895-98. Joseph planned and layed out the Pleasant Hill settlement/subdivision south of his farm property. ( Source: Find A Grave Website Accessed 3/7/2022.).

Joseph Armbrust the son of Martin Armbrust planned Pleasant Hill. “Joseph Armbrust was educated in the district schools of Bloomingdale Township Illinois and the parochials school at Winfield [St Johns Catholic School on Church Street], and remained with his father until 1877, when he married and rented one of the latter’s farms for six years. In 1883 he purchased ninety acres of land in Section 6 and 7 of Milton Township [located near the present corner of Geneva and Pleasant Hill Roads north of Wheaton Illinois and south of Carol Stream Illinois], later added thirty acres, and operated this farm successfully until 1903, when he retired. He has reserved ten acres of land for his own use, and has here erected a modern residence with all possible conveniences. In 1909 he laid out part of his land on the southern portion of his farm into lots calling this subdivision Pleasant Hill. He has the streets graded, shad trees planted, a drainage system installed and is preparing the instllation of an excellent water system. His farm is most pleasantly situated near Wheaton on the Aurora & Elgin line [later renamed the Chicago, Aurora, and Elgin Electric interurban rail line] (Source: Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Du Page County: Historical and Biographical .Munsell Pub. Co., 1913 )

The Martin Armbrust family of DuPage County Illinois. Standing in the back row: Joseph (Joe), Anthony, Louis and Frank Armbrust. Front row seated: Mary Anna (Armbrust) Schlick*, Martin Armbrust, Sr., Anna Mary (Munsinger) Armbrust and Mrs. Martin (Caroline Armbrust) Sittler. (*= Note: Mary Anna married Joseph Schlick of Glen Ellyn and moved to Burlington to raise her family.). (Photo credit: James Weberpal Estate Photo Collection.),

About Schlick Daleiden Families - DuPage and Kane Counties of Illinois

Kevin Davis is a retired Public Library Director. He is a Board member of the Winfield (IL) Historical Society. Davis has over 35 years experience working in public libraries. He is deeply interested in local Chicagoland, Dupage, and Kane County History. Davis earned a BA in History and an MA in Library Science from Dominican University. He is a volunteer researcher for the St. James Farm Forest Preserve part of the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County in Illinois. His work includes extensive writing and research on the McCormick family line who were former owners of St. James Farm. He is an avid family historian / genealogist and has done extensive research on the Schlicks and Daleidens of DuPage and Kane County Illinois.
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