The Wedding of Mae C. Hodous and Frank J. Schlick 1932

The wedding party of Frank J. and Mae C. Schlick on 8 October 1932. Wedding took place at St. Irene’s Catholic Church in Warrenville Illinois, Winfield Township DuPage County, Illinois.
In photo above is from left to right: Lucille Schlick (Maid of Honor), Mae Catherine Hodous (The Bride), Francis (Frank) J. Schlick (The Groom), and Robert Hodous (Best Man, Mae the bride’s oldest brother),

One of the most cherished items that was passed down in our family was a small diary type booklet that on the cover is titled: The Bride’s Book.

Inside this booklet are the hand written remarks and notes of Mae (Nee Hodous) Schlick written at the time of her wedding. Each page of this preprinted blank dairy/notebook contain a heading with space for the bride to write her memories of the wedding. My grandmother used a fountain pen with black ink to write her comments. The quotations that appear at the beginning each transcription of my grandmothers comments was the topic for each page.

Our First Meeting“: “Was at Frank’s farm about eight years ago, 1925

Happy Hours of Courtship“: Franks spent three years courting. We spent the hours, days, and years. Hiking, fishing, and riding together in the summer and in winter ice skating and other sports.

The Momentous Proposal“: Happened March 20th 1932.

Announcing Our Engagement”: We announced our engagement to the world March 21 1932.

“Joyous Entertainment”: We spent our date nights at the theatre or visiting. Sometimes riding. Once we made a trip to Starved Rock [A state park in central Illinois] during the summer of 7 August 1931.

“Surprise Showers”: I didn’t not have any showers made. One reason being the depression [sic The Great Depression of 1930s] second, I have more things that I would even find place to put. One year was spent in making or buying things for our home.

Come to Our Wedding . . . Trousseau Tales”: Not many people were invited. Those that were invited were: Grandma Schlick[This is Mary Anne Schlick the wife of Joseph Schlick Casper’s father and Franks Grandfather], Berner Family, Blazek Family, I Hodous Family, Charvat Family, A.C. Cox [Manager of St. James Farm and Frank’s boss/supervisor on the farm where he worked.], Boys of St. James Farm, Mr and Mrs Ross [St James Farm Employee], and Martin [Casper Schlick’s brother/Frank’s Uncle] Schlick Family.

My gown was white satin and the veil of silk illusion trimmed with lace. White hose and white maray sandals. The nightgown of white crepe and lace and the underwear of white crepe and lace. Something Old= My mother’s hanky, Something New: My gown and veil, Something Borrowed: Cousin’s pearls, Something Blue = Rosettas as trimming.

Gifts for Remembrance“: Chest of silver from McCormick Boys, Silver vase from Mr and Mrs Chauncey McCormick [Owner of St. James Farm in Warrenville IL where farm worked in the fields and in their Guernsey Dairy Barns], Card table from Mr. and Mrs. Hermann, Blanket from Lucy and Lucille [Martin Schlick’s twin daughters], Picture from Many and Stanley, Toaster from Grandma Schlick, Goblets from Mr and Mrs Edward Cox [of St. James Farm], Clock from Rev. Father Harnishchmacher [St Irene’s Church in Warrenvill IL.], Silverware from Aunt Armbrust, Salt & Pepper shakers from Mr. and Mrs. Ross [St James Farm Worker may have been the cook/keeper of the St. James Farm Boarding House for Dairy and Field workers?], Casserole from Mr and Mrs. Christ Armbrust, Carpet from John Schlick (Frank’s brother), Carpet from Albert Schlick [Frank’s oldest brother], Utility cabinet from
Aunt and Uncle Hodous, Floor lamp from Aunt Blazek, $5.00 from Brother Bob [Robert Hodous], $5.00 from Uncle and Aunt Hodous, $3.00 from Uncle and Aunt Schlick, $5.00 from Aunt and Uncle Charvat, Curtains from Mrs. Kristan, and Rocking Chair from father and mother in law [Casper and Susan Schlick].

The anove brief article is taken from the Hampshire (Illinois) Register from October 1932. Mary Schlick is the Grandmother of Frank Schlick. Mary was a widower in 1932, her husband Joseph Schlick was Mayor of the Village of Burlington, Illinois.

The Day of Days“: A bright sunny fall day October 8 1932.

The Tie That Binds“: At high mass at St. Irene’s Churchat 8:00 o’clock mass. The organ playedas Lucille and Frank started down the aisle with Bob and I following. I was then met at the alter by Frank. Everything went along just fine. No mistakes of any kind.”

Wedding Decorations“: The church was pretlily decorated with flowers. The home was decorated in white and pink. The table was very pretlily decorated with flowers.

Among Those Present“: Martin Schlick Family, Grandma Schlick, Fred Berner and Family, Ella and Aunt Blazek, Mr and Mrs. Armbrust, Mr. and Mrs. George Hermann, Mr. and Mrs Joseph Schlick, Mrs. William Umbdenstock, Mr. Michael anke, Mr. John Rollins and girl friend, Mr. Ross, Mr. William Anderson, Mr. Mack [The Mack Family had a large farm just to the east of the Schlick Farm on Mack Road], and Miss Weiland.

Bouquet Blossoms“: Brides bouquet of white tea roses and lily of the valley. The maid of honor bouquet pink tea roses. Grooms boutonniere white roses. Best man pink roses. White carnations for quests.

Happy Honeymoon” Our honeymoon was spent at home, that is at the in-laws home. Monday after our wedding it rained also Tuesday. Frank and I made it to Burlington, also shopping in Aurora [Illinois]. We had made plans to go to Michigan and Wisconsin, but those dreams on that trip may be made later on.

Downtown Aurora Illinois. A major business and industrial town west of Chicago along the Fox River Illinois.

Home Again“: Getting settled in a home of our own. We are now living in a seven room house. We call it our: “House of Dreams”. People say it is indeed.

The first home of Frank J. and Mae C. Schlick was located just down the road (Mack Road) from the Schlick Farm. I am in the process of verifying the fact that they rented this home from Casper Schlick prior to building their own home on property once owned by Christopher Daleiden on the east end of Beecher Street in Winfield Illinois.

The last page the booklet is called: “Children’s Birthdays”. Here Grandma Schlick has the following entered on the page: Louise Eleanor 9 October 1934, Mary “Born and died 14 June 1942, and Joseph Francis 11 October 1947.

The baby Mary was born and then died at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Aurora Illinois.

St Joseph Mercy Hospital in Aurora illinois. The old facility is now an assisted living center. This is were my mom and my uncle Joseph or Joey was born. It is amazing to see this building still standing.
The grave of the infant Mary Schlick. The head stone reads: Baby F.J, & M.C. Schlick. The grave is located at the St. John’s Roman Catholic Cemetery on Gary Road and East Street in Winfield, Winfield Township DuPage County Illinois.

For more history of the Frank and Mae Schlick family to to this post at this link.

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Kevin Davis is a retired Public Library Director. He is a Board member of the Winfield (IL) Historical Society. Davis has over 35 years experience working in public libraries. He is deeply interested in local Chicagoland, Dupage, and Kane County History. Davis earned a BA in History and an MA in Library Science from Dominican University. He is a volunteer researcher for the St. James Farm Forest Preserve part of the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County in Illinois. His work includes extensive writing and research on the McCormick family line who were former owners of St. James Farm. He is an avid family historian / genealogist and has done extensive research on the Schlicks and Daleidens of DuPage and Kane County Illinois.
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